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Women Business

Women’s Business

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قابلیت خرید با تمام کارت های عضو شبکه شتاب
قابلیت خرید با تمام کارت های عضو شبکه شتاب

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More and more women are thinking about starting their own business, as a viable and more fulfilling alternative to working for someone else. Self-employment is at a record high. For women it is often about a life style choice, wanting to fit a meaningful and lucrative business around other commitments because with the problems and expense of finding childcare working in a traditional 9-5 job can be difficult and stressful.

This book is aimed at women who want to embark on the exciting journey of setting up and developing their own business. It will take the reader through the journey from thinking about what business they want to start, checking out motivations and skills, thinking about who their customers will be and where and how they are going to sell their products or services; what income they will need to achieve and how to decide what the profit margins will be; to writing a business plan enabling them to succeed in whatever it is they want to do.

Written by Sandy Leong, a successful business women, for more than 25 years, she brings a practical and easy to read style that will motivate the reader to embark on their own exciting journey.


About the Author

  1. My Story
  2. What is Your Story Going to Be?
  3. Starting at the Kitchen Table?
  4. Give Yourself a Skills Overhaul
  5. Getting Started
  6. Who are Your Customers?
  7. Selling Your Stuff
  8. Your Bottom Line
  9. Writing Your Business Plan
  10. A Woman’s Business – to be the Best